Route 56 Membership

Chaplin PR is a specialist communications and marketing consultancy based in Cape Town comprising of skilled and dedicated PR/marketing professionals who are familiar with various industries and different facets of advertising, direct and social media marketing, web management and internal/external communications.
Relationships are built on trust and collaboration. Our market edge is our ability to deliver exceptional service and creative solutions to discerning clients with communications and marketing needs in South Africa.
Dale Chaplin, Founder and Director of Chaplin PR, has over 20 years of experience in public relations and marketing and is an Accredited in Public Relations Practitioner (APR) with PRISA.
His passion for Route 56 grew whilst living in the Richmond area of KwaZulu-Natal and his dismay at how little people knew about Route 56. Five years later, Middelburg to Pietermaritzburg is coming alive….

Membership Benefits

  • Will receive an annual listing, with your business description, your photos and a direct link to your website and/or Facebook page on the Route 56 website for their respective type of business.

  • Members will be promoted via postings on the Route 56 Social Media Platforms

  • Members will benefit from Direct Sales driven to their website, facebook page or through direct email enquiries. No commission is charged by Chaplin PR.

  • Use of the various Route 56 “Explore | Embrace | Enjoy” logo options

  • logo_list

    *Any printed material displaying the any of the logos above should be approved by Chaplin PR and follow the relevant brand guidelines

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Chaplin PR will be supporting CSR initiatives in the Eastern Cape and KZN and will work with Listed Members to identify and promote CSR initiatives along Route 56


    The following destination marketing and promotion activities, currently aligned to the Route 56 brand strategy, will be undertaken By Chaplin PR:

  • Actively manage and promote the area using the Route 56 website.

  • Actively manage and promote up-to-date information of its members’ and tourism attractions using the Route 56 website and other communication tools.

  • Support and promote approved local events and activities, and include same on an events calendar which is distributed via the website and social media.

  • Provide advice on marketing opportunities to members.

  • Liaise with government departments, agencies and promotional organisations e.g. wine, trade, investment, film, agriculture, etc to promote joint marketing of the destination.

  • Liaise with external parties (e.g. press, production companies, campaign organisers, etc) to promote the destination.

  • Liaise with the Official Tourism structures in the towns on and off Route 56.

  • Production of endorsed destination marketing material.

  • Co-ordinate the distribution of the marketing material.
  • Additional Benefits

    In order to maximise your marketing benefits and opportunities, additional benefits are available to members, some of which will attract additional fees:

  • Members will be provided feedback on Route 56 statistical data.
  • Will provide promotion of Route 56, including products and services, by participating in local, national and international consumer shows.
  • Will inform the travel trade via travel and trade events and publications.
  • Will ensure product knowledge of the local industry through educational events.
  • Listed Members will be the first to be offered advertising space opportunities at an additional cost on the Route 56 website.
  • Listed Members will be the first to be offered advertising space at an additional cost in various social media and print media opportunities.
  • Members may be featured during niche exhibitions and trade shows that Chaplin PR participates in.
  • Members may be featured in publications produced by Chaplin PR.
  • Members may be featured in national and international publications negotiated with Route 56 through Chaplin PR.

  • Social Media

    Proactive and ongoing social media and inbound marketing campaigns across a range of media channels including website and social media. Chaplin PR will promote special events, tourism news and member’s special offers and seasonal discounts.

    Media Outreach

    Route 56 media outreach: A media relations and publicity programme will be launched in the 2017 year, and preference will be given to Listed Members in the execution of this programme.

    Annual Member Listing Fee

    Single Listing

    Accommodation Business - R600 per annum (1 July to 30 June or pro-rata)
    payable in advance

    • Set up fee R120 once off.
    • TOTAL to be invoiced:
    • R720 to be invoiced (Payable in advance)
    • R720 payable immediately with submission of your Application form.

    Activity Business - R300 per annum (1 July to 30 June or pro-rata)
    payable in advance

    • Set up fee R120 once off.
    • TOTAL to be invoiced:
    • R420 to be invoiced (Payable in advance)
    • R420 payable immediately with submission of your Application form.

    Double Listing

    If a Business wants more than one listing, (two accommodation venues linking to the same website or one accommodation venue and one activity venue linking to the same website) the second listing Fee is a flat rate of R240 pa.

  • 1st Listing – Accommodation R600 pa
  • 2nd Listing – Activities or Accommodation R240 pa

  • A set up fee of R120 will aplly to each listing.

    Banking Details

    Name: Chaplin PR
    Bank: First National Bank
    Branch: 250655
    Account No: 62508875426
    Reference: Name of Establishment