Bird Watching

This is one route that if you were not a bird lover before, you will be one afterwards. It’s even fun for the kids, armed with a bird book and a pair of binoculars.

Areas around Route 56 host some of the finest species of birds available in Southern Africa due in large part to the extensive array of habitats found here. Birds like the rare blue korhaan are a wonder to witness as they fly overhead emitting a strange croaking call not unlike a frog would.

Schoombee - Mount Melsetter - With a bird list of over 150 species and varying Bird Habitats such as mountain grassveld, hillside scrub, valley acacia, karoo grassveld, riverine bush, The Heide Hole bird hide, and the riverine walk you would be hardpressed to find a more suitable location to go bird watching. Mount Melsetter has a comprehensive library of Bird Books to refer to.

Ixopo - Belmont Conference & Wedding Venue - With plenty of different bird species to discover., be sure to bring your camera and binoculars when staying at Belmont.

Bird Watching

Richmond - Highover Wildlife Reserve - Over 240 bird species have been recorded at Highover. We welcome day visitors, but to make the most of this top birding spot try booking into our lodge or riverside cottages or riverside chalets for a night or two.